for festivals

From the Children’s Stage to
the Festival Main Stage
Thad Beach has a program for you!


At the Children's Stage
Thad Beach uses his experience working with children to draw in your crowd and get them immediately involved. He has a great repertoire of songs from a variety of programs and can create a menu for your event, with something for everyone!

The Polka Dot Cafe
Pull up a chair and get ready to participate in this wonderful performance especially for the child in all of us. Thad serves up generous portions of humor, clever rhymes and songs that reflect the mystery and wonder of being a child.
Themed Programs
If your stage has more of a children’s theater atmosphere, Thad can come with his backdrops, stage set and props to present a festival adaptation of one of his school programs.


At the Family Stage

Thad Beach’s Family Fun Concert targets all ages from toddlers to teens, grade school to grandparents and those that fall in between! Featuring Thad’s original songs and a few traditional favorites, the audience will be singing along, joining in the home-made band and enjoying good natured fun and music! Selections vary from Thad’s extensive menu of songs and stories. You’ll hear vocals with guitar, harmonica, jaw harp, ukulele, and join Thad for a rousing finale to a familiar tune on home-made musical instruments! Songs and stories may include “Kalamazoo," “Black Angus Blues” or “Captain Davey and the Gravy Boat Navy.”


At the Main Stage
In addition to being seriously funny, Thad can also seriously capture the attention of your main stage audience as a performing songwriter. Featuring his original songs and accompanying himself on guitar, harmonica and ukulele, Thad is truly a traveling troubadour. His settings echo musical influences from folk, country blues, Tin Pan Alley, Appalachian mountain music, and traditional. Thad can also wow your audience with his harmonica wizardry playing traditional hoedowns, rags, polkas, jigs, and waltzes while accompanying himself on guitar or ukulele.

Burnin’ Idaho Down is a HOT! singer-songwriter program of original songs inspired by the influence of the moon, the force of wind and nature, the power of love and fire, fishing and being kicked and kickin’ back. “Hitch Up That Ole Mule” and come listen to Thad!
Thunder on the Mountain features thought-provoking and sometimes controversial topics ranging from poaching to pollution, apples to aphids, falling logs to huntin’ dogs. Original songs about environmental issues, history and heritage from the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. Sure to strike up a conversation!
The Songsmith in concert features original ballads preserving the rich heritage of coastal, mountain, and plains regions for generations to come. Songs and stories honor real people, real jobs, recent and historical events, legends and folklore. “Wade in the Water” with Mrs. Nutter, a civil rights legend. Learn how the “Nantahala Dam” displaced people, both alive and dead. You won’t want to miss this program!

At the Storytelling Stage

Tall Tales from Catfish County is a leg-pullin,’ truth stretchin’ journey you’ll never forget! The characters are wild and wacky and just plain MAD! Especially for fisherman, and non-fisherman alike. Young children’s and teen/adult versions of this program vary.


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